Third Biennial Conference of Philosophy of Death & Dying

The call for abstracts is open for the Third Biennial Conference of Philosophy of Death & Dying, August 8-10, 2018, in Uppsala, Sweden.

Organizers invite submissions that address any philosophical questions related to death and dying. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. The Metaphysics of Death (e.g. the criterion of death; the nature of death�s harm; the subject and timing of the supposed harm of death; the asymmetry problem)

  2. Axiological Issues (e.g. death as a harm or a benefit)

  3. Emotions and Attitudes (the rationality of fear of death; the value of dwelling on mortality)

  4. Immortality (e.g. questions of the desirability and the possibility of immortality)

  5. Suicide (e.g. issues of autonomy, rationality, and morality)

  6. Dying (e.g. aging; dying well; facing death; the question of the need for completeness and closure)

  7. The Death of Others (e.g. the phenomenology and ontology of grief; the importance to us of future people)

  8. The Ethics of Killing (e.g. war, euthanasia, abortion, animals)

  9. Philosophical Implications of Death-Related Technologies (e.g. radical life extension; cryogenics)

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