Medical Futility Case in Alberta - Darlene Crayne

Several reports have indicated that Canadian ICU clinicians have generally "caved in" to family demands for potentially inappropriate treatment, since the Supreme Court of Canada's Rasouli decision.

But medical futility conflicts still do happen.  One case has been covered by the Canadian media.


Darlene Crayne has been in a medically induced coma at Chinook Regional Hospital since Aug. 26 after suffering a heart attack.


The medical team attending to Crayne has maintained that she has minimal brain function and reached a decision to pull the plug on her ventilator on Saturday, Sept. 23.


Crayne�s daughter disagrees, and says she sees promise during her interactions with her mother. But another of Crayne�s children sides with the medical team decision to stop the ventilator.


After threatening legal action, the family has now been told Crayne will remain on a ventilator until Wednesday afternoon Sept. 27. The family is planning court action to get more time.  

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