Call for Abstracts - International Conference on Clinical Ethics Consultation (ICCEC 2018)


Abstract submission is now open for the 14th International Conference on Clinical Ethics Consultation (ICCEC 2018), a leading international clinical ethics conference.  There are five themes:

1. Ethical challenges in the clinic: an impetus for research and education - Emerging challenges for clinical ethics include the use of innovative and unlicensed treatments, bedside rationing, and boundaries between health and social care

2. Theoretical foundations and conceptual frameworks of clinical ethics support - Will developing and articulating theoretical foundations for clinical ethics help to strengthen practice? What counts as a theoretical foundation and is it required? How can we foster dialogue between practice and theory?

3. Empirical ethics research: emerging from and informing clinical ethics practice - There are many questions that clinical ethics can pose for researchers. How can we identify and build on examples of high quality research to improve practice?

4. Translating clinical ethics across global contexts - How does clinical ethics practice, research and education translate across cultures and what can we learn from each other to improve our own practice?

5. Translating clinical ethics into advocacy and policy - What role should clinical ethics have in shaping policy at a regional, national or international level on issues such as migrant health, abortion or transplant ethics? Should clinical ethicists act as advocates for patients in the wider health care environment?

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