Reasons To Join The Tiny House Living Movement

1. Building A Tiny House Costs Significantly Less Than Purchasing A Traditional House
The financial aspects of a tiny house are admittedly a big draw. They’re obviously going to cost a whole lot less to build than a traditional house, although pint-sized abodes do vary widely in price as they’re just diverse as their larger counterparts. It’s important to keep in mind that building materials and necessary appliances, fuel costs and potentially parking fees and the like, are all just a few of the things that can drive up the total cost of owning a tiny home.

Not everyone has the skills and knowledge to build their own tiny house, so they have engineers design it for them, and that’s obviously going to add to the cost, but it’s still going to be less than the price tag of the average home as it requires only a fraction of the necessary materials. If you don’t want to hire someone to design it for you, do a google search and you’ll quickly find practically endless options for free tiny house plans.

If you’re looking for a tiny, roaming house that comes with all of the essential conveniences for full-time living, The Spruce reports that after comparing prices in 2017 for 25 tiny homes built by companies in 13 different states, the price tag is a little under $60,000.

If you want to do it the cheapest way possible, there is a selection of homes that can be had for closer to $25,000, like this 144-square-foot cedar home on Tiny House Listings. If you can design and build your own tiny house using mostly free building materials like reclaimed lumber, you may even be able to do it for under $10,000. On the other end of the spectrum, are more luxurious tiny homes. If you want one that’s decked out with high-end features like upscale appliances, granite countertops and even a hot tub, all packed into under 400 square feet, you can expect to pay at least $150,000, says The Spruce. Still, when you consider that the median cost for a brand new, traditional home in 2017 is nearly $300,000, either way, you’re going to save a lot of money building a tiny home.

2. Freedom From Debt
While this is all part of the financial aspect, the potential to be free from debt deserves its own spotlight. A big house comes with a big mortgage. With a tiny home, you may be able to pay for most or all of it with cash if you do it right. With a mortgage, you won’t be under all of that stress to make a large payments every month if you lose your job or have another financial hardship of some sort.

3. You Can Take Your Home With You Wherever You Go
Well, almost. One of the biggest benefits other than the cost to build is the ability to be able to hitch up your tiny home to your vehicle and drive it to a different location. Got a new job and need to move? You don’t have to worry about finding a new place to live, just pack up your tiny house, attach it to your car or truck and be on your way.

You can even go on vacation with your home without having to pack a suitcase. Never again will you have to struggle to find an affordable, decent hotel room when you go out on the road, whether you want to visit the Grand Canyon, enjoy a beach holiday or what have you. You’re all set.

Of course, you may be wondering, what about water, electricity, and sewer? Most tiny houses have things like rain barrels and solar, so you don’t have to worry about that. They’re kind of like an RV – in fact, you can even get a tiny home that has RV hookups so that you can pull it up to a campsite. These homes are designed to allow you to live totally off the grid and can be parked almost anywhere. There are some types of tiny homes that were built more traditionally, however, requiring water and power hookups, and these are better suited to dedicated plots of land.

4. A Tiny Home Can Be Anything You Want It To Be
A tiny house doesn’t have to be a full-time place to live. Some choose to use a tiny home as an office or to have a nice little spot ready for when friends or relatives come to visit. Some parents who’ve seen their millennial children return to the nest have utilized tiny homes as a way to give their adult kids a place to live while they still enjoy their privacy.

5. A Tiny Home Limits Your Impact On The Environment & Lowers Your Energy Costs
Tiny houses are typically very eco-friendly and can be set up to live totally off the grid, using solar or wind sources for power, a rainwater catch, and filtration system, and installing a compost toilet, making it functional anywhere while limiting your impact on the environment. You can pretty much re-purpose everything to – even the materials your home is made from can be made from all recycled materials to help promote a cleaner earth for future generations.

Whether you use solar power or hook up to a power line, the energy needs of a tiny home are significantly less than the energy needs of a traditional home. Plus, smaller appliances work more efficiently, and a smaller space means less power to heat and cool the air. If you need to connect to a power source, you’ll still have an electrical bill, but it’s likely to be a fraction of the cost of the bill for a traditional house.

6. Decluttering For Simple Living
After living in a traditional home for even just a few years, most people end up with piles up stuff – in bins, in bags, in closets and so on, it just piles up everywhere. You can’t fit everything that will fit into a 2,000-square-foot home into one that’s a tenth of that size, so you’ll have to declutter and simplify by donating or selling many of your things – often things, you’ll realize, you didn’t even need in the first place. When you take a hard look at those possessions, decide what truly matters to you and get rid of the rest, that can be very freeing in itself.

7. You’ll Spend Less Time Cleaning
If you love to clean, this may not be a benefit, but for most people, another one of the biggest benefits of a tiny home is that having less space means there is less to clean. A traditional home can be very time consuming to clean. But with a tiny home, you could vacuum or sweep your floor in less than a couple of minutes. The size of your home is inversely proportional to the free time you have. As it will take just minutes to clean up every week, you’ll have lots of time for doing the things you really want to do, which is incredibly liberating. You’re also likely to learn to keep things more compartmentalized so you don’t end up with piles of stuff or other clutter as it’s just impossible to deal with in a small space.

8. It’s Easier & Cheaper To Decorate
You won’t need much in the way of decor for a tiny home, so it’s going to cost a lot less to decorate, and it’s also going to be a lot easier and cheaper to change up. If you’re the type of person who loves to redecorate every year or two, a tiny home is an ideal canvas. You can repaint the entire thing in a single afternoon if you choose to.

Health Podcasts You Need To Add To Your Playlist

1. The Daily Boost
Let’s face it, one of the hardest things about getting healthier is staying motivated. At first, it’s often easy because you’re excited to get started, but before long you start to wonder if you can keep up the good habits you’re trying to develop. If you’re in need of motivation, the Daily Boost podcast may just be the ideal prescription. It’s focused on helping you master life skills like communication and balance so that you can reduce stress and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Scott Smith truly delivers when it comes to real, straight-talking ideas and effective strategies for great results. This has been one of iTunes topped ranked self-help programs for nearly 15 years, so you know there’s a reason so many people have given it a listen. As soon as you make it a part of your daily routine, you’ll understand why.

2. Inside Health
Are you confused about what you should be doing and not doing when it comes to your health? If you believed everything you read online, you probably think there’s a huge debate over whether things like eggs, coffee or butter are good or bad for you. In reality, most experts agree on the various diet and health issues, but the general public is conflicted because of all that misinformation out there. If that’s you, Inside Health can come to the rescue.

In this BBC Radio 4 program, Dr. Mark Porter aims to demystify health issues and separate fact from fiction, bringing clarity to all of that conflicting health advice, with the help of a regular contributing general practitioner, Margaret McCartney.

3. The Healthy Moms Podcast
Don’t immediately dismiss this podcast if you aren’t a mom – it’s really for everyone and it’s one of the best there is, especially if you’re just getting started on your path to health and wellness. Kate Wells hosts the weekly Healthy Moms podcast series that covers a variety of health topics from real food and fitness to stress and anxiety, toxins, sleep, natural living, pregnancy, and much more. You’ll get actionable steps that you can use to improve you and your family’s health.

4. The Fat Burning Man Show
The Fat Burning Man Show is another great one for learning about which health and nutritions claims are misleading and which are valid. Abel James speaks the truth about what you really need to do to get your health back on track and the body you want. He is incredibly approachable and presents the information in a way that makes you excited to learn. If you want to get into the best shape you’ve ever been in by eating right and training smarter, whether you’re vegan, paleo or what have you, this one is for you. The podcast has been honored with multiple awards and is No. 1 in health in many countries around the world.

Finding out how you can beat cravings, understanding the importance of gut health, learning how to battle depression through exercise and why medicinal mushrooms are so powerful for the body are just a few of the great topics.

5. Revolution Health Radio by Chris Kresser
Chris Kresser has one of the world’s top 25 natural health sites and is on the New York Times Bestseller List for Your Personal Paleo. This well-respected physician offers fairly short, 20 to 40 minute podcasts that are packed with a ton of useful, cutting-edge, practical information on how to prevent and reverse disease naturally. It’s truly a go-to site when it comes to evidence-based health information, and is an extension of what he offers on his website, which investigates common health myths and offers a wealth of advice and tips to help you lower the risk of developing common diseases.

6. Food Psyche
Many people struggle with body image, food, and dieting – if that’s you, Food Psyche really is a must. This amazing podcast helps you to make peace with food. Hosted by Christy Harrison, a certified nutritionist, and intuitive eating counselor, she has some great conversations on topics like eating disorders, nutrition, self-care, and self-compassion, with experts in the “anti-diet” world like Ragen Chastain, Kelsey Miller, and Glenys Oyston, and is very relatable.

7. Balanced Bites
Balanced Bites is a podcast that offers a no-nonsense approach, hosted by female duo Liz and Diane who are both certified nutritional therapy experts. Diane is the New York Times bestselling author of The 21-Day Sugar Detox and Practical Paleo, while Liz authored Eat the Yolks and The Purely Primal Skincare Guide. What really makes this one stand out, is that it’s so relatable. Their authentic personalities make it feel like you’re enjoying time with some of your best gal pals, only you’re learning a whole lot on topics like nutrition, health, and the Paleosphere.

8. The Crave Cast
Just about everyone has their cravings, whether it’s for sweet treats, salty snacks, or even a better relationship. Functional nutritional coach and chef Alexandra Jamieson, author of Women, Food & Desire and The Great American Detox Diet offers outstanding insight in The Crave Cast podcast to help you discover your true cravings and desires, and how you can satisfy those cravings to enjoy a healthier, happier, life. You’ll get lots of valuable inspiration and information for achieving a healthy body, more energy, and finally, the life you truly crave.

9. Wise Traditions
Wise Traditions is an extension of the Weston A Price Foundation which is a non-profit aimed at furthering traditional health values. It offers easy-to-listen-to episodes that focus on holistic health and traditional diets, many centered around naturopathic medicine.

You Can Try 3 Super Fun Camping Games For All Ages

When you're posting down exercises to improve the situation daily or two of outdoors, particularly when you intend to bring a few children along, bear in mind to incorporate fun amusements that everybody can play. Keep in mind that for beginners, it might appear that there's not a considerable measure to do out in the forested areas so a couple of pleasant exercises will enable them to get warmed up. Attempt these super fun outdoors recreations that kids and grown-ups alike would without a doubt appreciate: 

Letter set Game 

This action is testing both to children and grown-ups and an incredible one to play whether you're at camp or out climbing and investigating. 

Step by step instructions to Play: 

Give members a pen and a bit of paper. While strolling or outdoors, they have to discover and record objects beginning with the letters of the letter set, going from A through Z. You can pick to utilize telephone cameras (particularly for grown-ups) for evidence. This amusement can keep going for multi day or the whole trek. The one with the most finds or the first to Z wins! 

Scrounger Hunt 

This amusement is a great outdoors diversion that simply doesn't get old. It can without much of a stretch be altered for kids or for grown-ups. It's a decent movement that advances investigating and finding cool things while at nature! 

Step by step instructions to Play: 

Make rundown of things that members must discover and bring back or take a photo of. The quantity of things relies upon who's playing or to what extent you need the chase to last. You can do this with people, with sets or up to a group of 4. Furnish every member or group with the rundown and let them know how much time they have for the chase. It's constantly amusing to begin with "Prepared, Set, Hunt!" 

Outdoors Storytime 

An incredible action to play amid down time where everybody can join. It's optimal to do this action around the pit fire with hot chocolate and some cooked marshmallows. It advances innovativeness and obviously, holding, fun and giggling! 

The most effective method to Play: 

Members will alternate recounting any sort of open air fire story. It could be a story as a matter of fact, something you heard or something totally made up. It could be entertaining, alarming or wherever where the creative energy takes you. After all members have recounted their accounts, everybody will vote which story they loved best. The storyteller with the most votes wins! 

These super fun outdoors amusements for all ages will make any outdoors trip super important!