New Law Limits Doctors' Ability to Invoke DNR without Patient Consent

Todd Ackerman has a solid story in the Houston Chronicle on the background and impact of SB11 in Texas.

"Beginning next April, the right of Texas hospitals and doctors to write unilateral DNRs will be dramatically curtailed under a law signed by Gov. Greg Abbott last month. The law requires doctors and hospitals to notify and get consent from patients or their guardians before implementing a DNR order."

Two quotes from me are - 

"This law probably won't affect that many people, but it's another example of discretion being taken from clinicians and hospitals. . . . That's been a national trend the last five or so years, the health-care profession losing power they used to have, the emergence of a greater culture of patient rights."

"I don't think it's a terrible statute. . . . I'm confident it'll produce some good and some bad - probably some families who want to care for a trisomy 18 child will find less resistance and probably some people for whom a DNR order is highly appropriate will have to undergo CPR. I don't know how to weigh that."

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